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Truth or Tale - Season One

Truth or Tale - Season One is available on DVD!

The retail price is $30.00 (including tax). The four DVD box set includes all 13 episodes of Season One (each episode is 24 minutes in length). If you would like more information about Truth or Tale - Season One on DVD, please contact us via email: framedfilms@yahoo.ca


1) Traditions of Storytelling - Stories have been passed down from one generation to the next in the oral tradition by all cultures throughout human history. This episode takes us from the south to the north in the Canadian prairies, where storytellers share their favorite stories, experiences, myths, and legends.

2) Lake Monsters - Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan, has had an unexplained sea-like creature lurking in its depths for as long as folks can remember. In this episode you will hear personal accounts from actual eyewitnesses that claim to have seen the mysterious lake monster in Turtle Lake.

3) Little Creatures - From Foam Lake to La Ronge, there are stories of mysterious “Little People”, and the “Huldufolk”. These elf-like creatures are rumored to have magical powers, and are said to live near rocks, lakes, and some are even said to live in the basement of houses.

Joan Eyolfson Cadham, Foam Lake

4) Owl Folklore - Assumptions about owls began in early folklore, passed down by word of mouth. Owls have been feared, admired, considered wise and foolish. In this episode you will hear stories, myths, and legends that speak of the owls’ power of prophecy, and warnings they can provide.

5) Mystery Rocks - There are numerous Medicine Wheels, human and animal effigies, and petroglyphs found in the Canadian prairies. In this episode you will hear some explanations as to the origins of these “Mystery Rocks”, their purpose, and the spiritually that surrounds them.

6) Buffalo Legends - Buffalo are very spiritual animals, which we can learn from. In this episode you will hear a legend that tells of the return of the great herds of buffalo that once roamed the prairies, and a 2000-year-old legend about a sacred white buffalo.

Madison with Lake Monster

7) Listen to the Trees - There is much folklore that surrounds trees. In this episode you will hear tales of a mysterious Basswood man, and “the crooked bush” in The Thickwood Hills of Saskatchewan. Strange occurrences surround these “crooked trees”, and many weird tales are revealed.

8) Man of Darkness - There are many mystical creatures that inhabit the Prairies. There is none more fearsome than the creature that is known as the “Witego”, or “Man of Darkness”. In this episode you will hear stories from people who claim that this creature does in fact exist.

9) Close Encounters of the Prairie Kind - For crop circle researchers, Saskatchewan is a hotbed of paranormal activity. No one really knows who or what creates these phenomenon, or even why. In this episode we talk to ordinary people who have seen some very strange things, and have similar tales to tell.


10) Extinction - Eastend, Saskatchewan has one of the world’s best examples of a complete T-Rex Skeleton, which was discovered in 1991. Hear the story of the discovery of “Scotty”, and an Aboriginal legend that reveals where the dinosaurs came from and why they are extinct today.

11) Open Range - Folklore surrounding the open range has a rich, and long tradition in our culture. In this episode you will hear about the past outlaws that visited southwestern Saskatchewan, along with modern day cowboys that tell tall tales and stories about life on the open range.

12) Bear Tales - Bears inspire fear, and command respect. In this episode you will hear of personal encounters with these powerful animals. There is a legend that claims that bears were at one time the size of your thumb, and another of bears that reside in the night sky.

13) Look Skyward - In the “land of living skies” there are many stories, myths, and legends that are connected to the heavens. In this episode you will hear stories about the mysterious Northern Lights, a close call with a lightning strike, and a legend about giant Thunderbirds.

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