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a video by Jason Britski

11:00 minutes (665 ft.)
Production Format :DVCAM
Exhibition Format: Beta SP

Caribou is a video about mortality, death, decay, notions of beauty, and a respect for the natural world.


Filmmaker: Jason Britski



Brief Description of Work:

Caribou is an 11 minute science fiction experimental portrait of Saskatchewan. Structurally it is a journey from the forests of northern Saskatchewan to the Badlands in the south. It is the final part in a series of North American landscape films and videos that I have been shooting for the past few years. My central aim for this project stems from a basic desire to create a document of my surroundings, and in a larger sense to examine the relationship that exists between my environment and identity. Shot on DVCAM video, and the audio is composed of NASA recordings of Saturn’s rings, sound effects, and location sound. Caribou is essentially a video about mortality, death, decay, notions of beauty, and a respect for the natural world. It is grounded in the detail of our surroundings, and the beauty that resonates from these hidden places.

“[Britski’s work] has come to define an aesthetic that has been recognized as distinctly from the Canadian prairies, where landscape is a starting point for the evolution of photographic memories.” - Cecilia Araneda and Sol Nagler, WNDX Festival

Selected Screenings:

Canadian Film Institute, OK! Quoi? Contemporary Arts Festival, Gimli International, Antimatter, Reel Rave International, Dawson City International, Culture Unplugged: Spirit Enlightened, and Saskatchewan Showcase (finalist for Best Experimental).

Caribou has been broadcast in the United Kingdom by Propeller TV and is distributed by Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre.

Welcome to Framed Films

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