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4:30 minutes (162 ft.)
Production Format: 16mm
Exhibition Format: 16mm

Exteriors is a portrait of a young woman and the landscape she inhabits. It is a film about the walls people construct (real or imaginary).

"Poignant and poetic, the work engages our notions of the moving image." - Photophobia Film Festival 2000


Abby Scholar


Filmmaker: Jason Britski
Location Sound and Production Stills: Danny Scavuzzo
Boom Operator: Glen Wood


Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative

Brief Description of Work:

Exteriors is a portrait of a woman and the landscape that surrounds her. It is a film concerned primarily with structure, and the image-sound relationship within this environment. The structure is based upon a series of fragmented moments, which attempt to actively engage the viewer in the construction of meaning.

Selected screenings

Brisbane International, Antimatter, Vancouver International, $100 Film Festival (Winner - Best First Film) Rotterdam International Short, Cascadia Moving Images (Best Independent Film – Finalist), Iranian International Young Cinema Society, Regensberg Short Film Week, and Photophobia.

Exteriors has been broadcast by Kunstkanaal in the Netherlands, and is distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre.

Welcome to Framed Films

Jason Britski:

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