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You would make a good lawyer

a film by Jason Britski

4:30 minutes (162 ft.)
Production Format: Super 8 and 16mm
Exhibition Format: 16mm Color or Beta SP

You would make a good lawyer is a film about employment, and the cages we all inhabit.


Filmmaker: Jason Britski
Additional Photography: Ian Toews and Dianne Ouellette


Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative

Brief Description of Work:

You would make a good lawyer is a film that deals with issues of being employed within our social construct. The nature of employment often seems to conflict with basic desires that cannot be met without such an obligatory arrangement. Within the workplace I found a way to rediscover myself, despite my obligation. In photographs, I found a way of successfully dealing with my "captor." The Tiger cannot escape, and neither can we. It all depends on how you deal with your own particular situation. The title itself is taken from a fortune that I kept receiving from fortune cookies, which seemed to capture the irony of my predicament perfectly.

Selected screenings

Hummadruz Global Sounds, Rhode Island International, Telluride International Experimental Expo, Antimatter, Vancouver International, Saskatchewan Showcase (Winner - Best Experimental and Finalist for Direction: non-drama), Vancouver Underground, WNDX Festival of Avant Garde and Underground Film, and by Basement Films in Albuquerque.

You would make a good lawyer has been broadcast by DUTV in Philadelphia, and is distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre.

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You would make a good lawyer: