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a video by Jason Britski

10:00 minutes
Production Format : Super 8, PXL Vision, VHS, DVCAM, and 16mm
Exhibition Format: Beta SP

Nightfall is a formal portrait of the Canadian winter landscape, shot on Super 8, VHS, DVCAM, and 16mm..


Filmmaker: Jason Britski
Original Music: Jason Moberg


Canada Council for the Arts

Brief Description of Work:

Nightfall is a formal portrait of a blizzard within the Canadian winter landscape, and is also intended as an examination of the relationship that exists between my environment and identity. This project is an attempt to strip different images down to their basic elements, to examine their photographic possibilities, and their connection to a larger "Canadian" identity.

Selected Screenings:

Gimli International, Reel Rave International, Stem Cell, Film Night in Sioux Lookout, Culture Unplugged, Saskatchewan Showcase (finalist for Best Experimental), and the Saskatchewan Filmpool.

Nightfall is distributed by Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre.

Welcome to Framed Films

Jason Britski:

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