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Ripples in the Snow

a film by Jason Britski

8:00 minutes (288 ft.)
Production Format: Super 8 and 16mm
Exhibition Format: 16mm or Beta SP

Ripples in the Snow is a film that deals with issues of dislocation, presence, absence, and memory.


Filmmaker: Jason Britski
Original Music: Mike Gardiner


Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative

Brief Description of Work:

Ripples in the Snow is a film that deals with the issue of remembrance. Memory, in its various interpretations, is the focal point for the film, which is supported for a concern for structure and photography. In addition, the film is on a basic level a document of my influences (the prairie landscape, filmmakers Michael Snow, Richard Kerr, David Rimmer, Bruce Elder, and also my family).

Selected screenings

Cathedral Village Arts Festival, Rhode Island International, $100 Film Festival, Dresden Short, Cascadia Moving Images (Winner - Best Independent Film, Best Independent Experimental Film, People's Choice Award for Best Independent Film), Iranian International Young Cinema Society, Ann Arbor, and the Vilimit Film and Media Festival in Finland ("Canadian Landscape" Program).

Ripples in the Snow has been broadcast by Kunstkanaal in the Netherlands, and is distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre.

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Ripples in the Snow: