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Shoulders on a Map

a film by Jason Britski

4:30 minutes (162 ft.)
Production Format Super 8
Exhibition Format: 16mm or Beta SP

Shoulders on a Map is a Super 8 portrait of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


Filmmaker: Jason Britski
Original Music: Jason Britski


Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative

Brief Description of Work:

Shoulders on a Map is a film about travel, form, and essentially my thoughts at the time towards Canada as a nation. It is the third part in a series of North American landscape films that I have been shooting since 2003. The central aim of the film is to formally examine the Rocky Mountains on Super 8 film. Simple formal devices are utilized in creating this portrait.

"An endless inventory of trees, snow, rocks and water rolls by onscreen in this experimental travelogue. Shoulders on a Map is a Super 8 homage to transportation, motion and the breathtaking landscape of the Canadian Rockies." - Ben Murray, Toronto International Film Festival Programmer

Selected screenings

Huesca International, Gimli International, Toronto International, Antimatter, Vancouver International, Light Industry, “17 Hours of Darkness” in Brooklyn, New York, Canadian Film Institute. Culture Unplugged: Spirit Enlightened, Saskatchewan Showcase (Finalist for Best Experimental), Viper International, $100 Film Festival, Junction Arts Festival, WNDX Festival of Avant Garde and Underground Film, and "Rear-View Mirror: The Drive-In Downtown" in Regina, Canada.

Shoulders on a Map has been broadcast in the United Kingdom by Propeller TV, and is currently distributed by Framed Films

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