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a film by Jason Britski

2:00 minutes (65 ft.)
Production Format: 16mm
Exhibition Format: 16mm or Beta SP

Transfixed is a meditative film that celebrates the beauty found within the small details of existence.

"Transfixed evokes the boundless joy of the vicarious unlimited experience of childhood, while at the same time reminding us of life's accelerated velocity and transitory nature."- Antimatter Underground Film Festival 2002


Filmmaker: Jason Britski
Original Music: Jason Britski

Selected screenings

Ann Arbor, (Honorable Mention - Festival Tour), Reykjavik International, Vancouver International, Antimatter, (Festival Tour), Onion City, Photophobia, $100 Film Festival, ("Jury's Pick" Award), Dawson City International, Univ. of Central Lancashire, (Experimental Film Conference), "Placing Spaces, Spacing Places" - Canadian Experimental Film Series in Halifax, Tawaga international Short, Granada Short, Cinemateque Ontario, Durham Art Gallery, Alucine (Festival Tour in Argentina and Brazil), MOMA in Bogata, Columbia Canadian Film Institute,  and Culture Unplugged: Spirit Enlightened.

Transfixed has been broadcast in the Netherlands by Kunstkanaal,  in canada on CBC French, and is currently distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre.

Welcome to Framed Films

Jason Britski:

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